Row {x}: Bespoke Charges Error…

Learn how to fix your import errors #

Here is what to do if you receive the following error: “Row {x}: Bespoke Charges Error. [Charge type] is not recognized. Please check [Charge type].”

There is a very particular way to write Bespoke Charges. The charge is broken up into 3 parts:

  1. The charge type – this is the name of the Bespoke Charge.
  2. Its value – this is a number e.g. 0.5236
  3. Its unit – this is the unit at which the above rate is charged e.g. £/day

To write the charge correctly we first enclose the charge type in brackets e.g. (charge type), then separate with a forward slash ‘/’, enter its value and then another forward slash ‘/’ and lastly write the unit type.

It will look something like this: (Bespoke Charge Name)/0.5555/£/day

If you want to enter more than one bespoke charge, you can! Just add a semi-colon ‘;’ at the end of each bespoke charge and follow the same rules as above.

It could end up looking like this: (Bespoke Charge Name)/0.1111/£/day; (Bespoke Charge Name 2 )/0.2222/£/day; (Bespoke Charge Name 3 )/0.3333/£/day

  1. Click ‘Download Error Log’ next to the import that has errored
  2. Find the header for Bespoke Charges
  3. Check that there are no “strange” characters within the header. If there are please download a fresh template