Adding A New Site And Meter Manually


Adding A New Site And meter Manually

Learn how to add a new site and meter to an existing customer manually.

Review the video together with the steps outlined below, then use the button provided to continue to the next topic.

  1. Open your customer and select ‘Sites’ within the treeview on the left
  2. Select ‘Add Site’
  3. Select ‘Site Type’ from the dropdown
  4. Add Site Category (if appropriate)
  5. Add a Site Name (if your customer uses the Customer Portal, this will be visbile to them to identify the site).
  6. Update the address manually by filling out the boxes or start typing it in the address search box.
  7. Once the address is updated, if you don’t have meter details simply click ‘save’ and you’re done.
  8. If you do have the meter details, click ‘save & add meter’, if not click ‘save’ to save the site and end the process.
  9. If adding as meter, update the utility and other mandatory information including annual Tender consumption.
  10. Click save