Financials (Tables)


Financials (Tables)

Understanding the Financials (tables) Dashboard

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The Financials Tables Dashboard will more in-depth view of the financial forecasts than the Financials Dashboard. All of the information you feed in from tenders, commissions, payment term profiles and consumption drives this dashboard to produce forecasts for your business.

In here you can break it down for a particular period, Supplier, account manager, referral partner, account manager or Utility type to hone in on the numbers you need. As commission is imported to the system through supplier receipts by your team, you’ll be able to compare actual commission received VS what you were forecasting, to be able to highlight any discrepancies with your suppliers.

In this dashboard the numbers are broken down into different areas:

  • ‘Contract Breakdown’ is a report showing the Forecast (as of today) against the total actual for each meter/contract. This report can be filtered using the Contract Status filter (to show live, expired and future contracts) and the Payment Made filter (to quickly see meters/contracts that have yet to receive a payment).
  • ‘Monies Received Breakdown’ is a comprehensive report showing every single line breakdown for the meter/contract in question. It will show a line for every month that there is either a forecast or actual amount. This report is useful if data ever needs to be reviewed showing the entire forecast and/or actual payment history for a meter.
  • ‘Supplier Breakdown’ shows a summary of forecast and actual payments for each supplier on a month by month basis. A useful report when cross-referencing payments in an accounting system against UtilityClick.
  • ‘Month/Year Breakdown’ shows a slightly more detailed summary than Supplier Breakdown. It shows a month by month breakdown for each meter, rather than summarised on a supplier basis.