Updating A Termination Status


Updating A Termination Status

Learn how to update a meters termination status the system

Review the video together with the steps outlined below, then use the button provided to continue to the next topic.

Once you’ve had confirmation back from the Supplier that they’ve updated a termination, or if you’re aware that a termination isn’t required for the contract, you will need to update the termination status accordingly.

  1. Go to the Customer and open ‘Contracts and Tenders’
  2. Find the accepted contract you wish to update (usually in the registering or live tab)
  3. Under ‘Actions’ select ‘Go’ and ‘View Contract Details’
  4. On the left hand side go to ‘Terminations’
  5. Tick the meters you wish to update.
  6. Change the status to ‘Accepted’ if the termination has been accepted or ‘N/A’ if it isn’t required.
  7. Confirm the live end date in the field below
  8. Save details to update the details for the selected meters.