Managing Supplier Contacts


Managing Supplier Contacts

Learn how to update supplier contact information

Review the video together with the steps outlined below, then use the button provided to continue to the next topic.

Supplier contacts are useful as a reference for your team but most of all, if you’re using our system e-mail functionality to send tenders, registration requests and Termination requests directly to those contacts.

  1. Click ‘Suppliers’ in the top menu bar
  2. Search for the ‘Supplier’ and click their name under ‘Supplier Name’
  3. Click ‘Contact Details’ on the left menu
  4. Here you can either see a list of Contacts already set up for this supplier
  5. If the contact has already been set up for another role, click ‘Select Action’ > ‘Edit’ otherwise click ‘+ Add Contact’
  6. Enter an e-mail address for the contact
  7. Click the roles that this contact should be responsible for.  One contact can be responsible for many roles.
  8. Choose whether this contact is responsible for Bespoke, Matrix or both
  9. Choose which utility types the contact is responsible for: Gas, Water, Electricity etc
  10. Mark the contact as Active to ensure e-mail alerts reach the contact