Bespoke Price Management


Bespoke Price Management

Learn how to create an existing contract

Review the video together with the steps outlined below, then use the button provided to continue to the next topic.

When you’ve had a bespoke contract accepted and have the rates available, you need to be able to store them against the meter for reference of both the rates and the period it applies to. You will need to have a site and meter setup within the customer before a contract can be added.

  1. Open the Customer you need to add prices for.
  2. This will automatically open the ‘Contracts and Tenders’ tab.
  3. Select ‘ +Add Contract/Tender
  4. Select ‘Bespoke’ as the Business Type
  5. Under Tender/Contract Type select ‘Already Secured Contract’
  6. Select the Utility
  7. Input the Contract/Tender start date
  8. Update the appropriate Opportunity Type
  9. Click ‘Save’
  10. This will take you to a ‘Meters Included in Contract/Tender’ screen. Tick the boxes of the meters you wish to include and click ‘Save’ (for multisite, select ‘back’ once all prices are entered.
  11. This will now take you to the quote screen. To enter prices you can either follow our ‘Adding Bespoke Prices Manually‘ lesson or ‘Importing Bespoke Prices using Data Imports‘ lesson.