Importing Bespoke Prices Using Data Imports


Importing Bespoke Prices Using Data Imports

Learn how to import bespoke prices to your tender

Review the video together with the steps outlined below, then use the button provided to continue to the next topic.

  1. Go to the tender you need to upload prices for and select ‘input prices’
  2. Select ‘Bulk Upload’ then ‘Download Template’ to download the excel template
  3. Complete the fields in the template. As a minimum, the mandatory fields for this upload are:

    • Reference (which is the alphanumerical reference on the tender under ‘Ref #’
    • Duration
    • Supplier (Must match exact setup in suppliers)
    • Product (Must match exact setup in supplier products)
    • Product Type
    • Commission rate (put zero if nil commission)
    • Commission type (if value is nil put ‘p/kWh’ in here
    • Add commission to rates (Yes/No)
    • MPAN/MPRN/SPID (Prefix with # e.g. #1476892878754)
    • Meter Type
    • Rates (columns O-R must match expected setup e.g. Economy 7 would expect a day and night unit rate
    • Available Capacity Charge (If Half Hourly)
    • Available Capacity Charge Type (If Half Hourly)
    • Standing Charge
    • Standing Charge Type

    Top tip – If you’re loading in rates for multiple meters within the same tender, you only have to the information up to the column with the MPAN in on the first row then everything after on separate rows to save duplication.
  4. When you are happy you have updated all the fields you needed to, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.
  5. Within the tender, select ‘Bulk Upload’ then ‘upload data’
  6. Choose File (and find the spreadsheet you saved on your computer) then click save.
  7. If your upload is successful the status column will say ‘Completed
  8. If the import has failed, the import screen will show as failed. To view these failures you can select ‘go’ under actions and ‘download error log’ to find out what has specifically failed and needs amending before repeating steps 5-7
  9. Once this has been successfully imported, you can go back to the tender and where you will now be able to view the quote with annual costs and commissions calculated. When you’re ready to accept this quote, follow our ‘accepting a contract’ lesson.