Learn how to import Leads using data imports

Review the video together with the steps outlined below, then use the button provided to continue to the next topic.

As well as adding them manually to the system, you can also import Leads using data imports. To upload one or multiple customers:

  1. In the top menu bar on the right-hand side there is a menu option called ‘Admin’.
  2. You can either hover over ‘Admin’ which will show you a dropdown menu and select ‘Data Imports’ or click ‘Admin’ and a left-side menu will appear, and you can click ‘Data Imports’ from here.
  3. Click the dropdown labelled ‘Import Type’.
  4. Choose ‘Leads’ and open the downloaded Excel template.
  5. Complete the fields in the template. As a minimum, the mandatory fields for this upload are:
    Lead Name
    – Registered Address Line 1
    – Postcode
    Lead Generator (must already exist on the system in Users)
    – Account Manager (must already exist on the system in Users)
    – Add Contact Option
    – First Name
    – Last Name
    – Platform User
    – Contact Active
  6. When you are happy you have filled in all important Lead data, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.
  7. Go to Admin > Data Imports
  8. Select ‘Customers’ in the dropdown then ‘upload’.
  9. Choose File (and find the spreadsheet you saved on your computer) then click Save.
  10. If your upload is successful the status column will say ‘Completed’.
  11. If the import has failed, the import screen will show as failed. To view these failures you can select ‘go’ under actions and ‘download error log’ to find out what has specifically failed and needs amending before repeating steps 8-10.