Why can’t I see all tenders and contracts?



Where are the rest of my tenders and contracts?

If you have landed on the Pipeline page and seem to be missing some tenders/contracts.

  1. Check the ‘Show Next’ dropdown. It might be that your filter defaults to a certain number of days. If you want to make sure you see ALL tenders/contracts then make sure this is set to ‘Default: All’ which will not limit your results.
  2. The next thing to check is the dropdown boxes on the far right: ‘All Teams’ and ‘All Users’. If either of these defaults to a particular team or user then you will only see results for that team and/or user. Set these ‘All Teams’ and ‘All Users’ if you don’t want to limit your results, or filter accordingly.
  3. Finally, do one last check over all of the other filters to make sure no filters have been selected accidentally