Understanding the Pipeline


understanding the pipeline

Learn all about the Pipeline

Review the video together with the steps outlined below, then use the button provided to continue to the next topic.

  1. Click ‘Pipeline’ in the top menu
  2. This will bring up all of your tenders at various stages including:
    – Tenders and Opportunities: Tenders created that are either opportunities or are still in the pricing stage.
    – Registering contracts: Contracts that have been accepted but haven’t gone live (this will include contracts in objection statuses)
    – Live contracts: Contracts that have been updated to a live registration status
    Historic Contracts: Contracts that have exceeded their end dates
    – Left to sign: Current contracts in the system that don’t have a future contract in place
    – Lost Opportunities: This will include contracts that were accepted and lost but also tenders that were never won, and moved to a lost status.
    – Comms exceptions: Included contracts where there is no opportunity type or no payment terms assigned so no Commission can be calculated
    – All: A view of all tenders, regardless of status
  3. You can search the pipeline using the fields at the top to narrow down the results. If you’re uncertain of the status of a Tender, it might be easier to select the ‘All’ view prior to searching.