Creating A New Lead


Creating A New LEAD

Learn how to add a new lead in the CRM

Review the video together with the steps outlined below, then use the button provided to continue to the next topic.

  1. To create a new lead hover over the ‘Lead’ tab on the main toolbar and click ‘+ New Lead. Either use the search or Select ‘enter manually’
  2. First, select the appropriate Legal Status for your Customer.
  3. If sole trader is selected, an area will appear to add the date of birth, time at premises and years trading at the bottom of the section.
  4. Select Lead Type from Direct, Landlord or Franchise in the Customer Type drop down.
  5. If needed, you can also store some additional information (referral partner, custom reference, website, VAT status, initial enquiry date) This information isn’t mandatory but can be added if it’s something your company would like to record.
  6. Next, select the team and account manager responsible for this lead.
  7. Next you can change the registered address to add anything you’ve missed, you can search using the company reg (if limited) or start typing the address in the search box which will use pull through the companies house or address information if it’s available. Alternatively, you can manually add this information into the boxes yourself.
  8. It’s not mandatory but you can also update the billing address and head office address using this method for your records. If they’re the same as the registered address, you can click ‘copy from registered address’ to duplicate this information to save time. The same applies for adding Head Office details.
  9. If you have set Commission for this customer, you can add this to the lead details for reference, however this isn’t automatically used for any quotes generated and is purely for reference.
  10. At the bottom of the lead details screen, you will see the Letter of Authority details. Check out our ‘Generating, sending and storing a Letter of Authority’ course to find out more.
  11. Click save at the bottom of the screen to save all of the information you’ve entered. Congratulations, you’ve created a lead.