Row {x}: (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) Multiple contracts match…

Learn how to fix your import errors #

Here is what to do if you receive the following error: “Row {x}: (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) Multiple contracts match this meter number and criteria. Try specifying a utility type.”

  1. Click ‘Download Error Log’ next to the import that has errored and open the file
  2. In the row that has errored, select and copy the MPAN
  3. Go to Pipeline and paste the MPAN into Advanced Search
  4. Click the “All” tab
  5. In the results:
    If there are multiple meters then click ‘{x} meters’, go to the ‘Meters’ link on the side menu and search for the individual meter.
    If there is just a single meter in the results, click it
  6. Next click the ‘Contracts’ tab
  7. Starting from the bottom of the list, read the Live Start Dates and Live End Dates and make sure that they follow on from each other with no overlapping dates.
    Note: Contract Start and End dates are different to Live Start and End Dates
  8. If there are overlapping dates, you need to amend the Live Start and End dates so that they don’t overlap